Display for special vehicles

12 inch solution for highest reliability in the industrial outdoor area

For a manufacturer of displays for special vehicles and special construction machines, a glass / touch / display module has been developed. The very bright TFT display is optically bonded and readable in sunlight. The adhesive used here is especially recommended for outdoor applications. The HMI module fulfills all the required shock and vibration conditions that can occur in real operation.

Digital advertising space

10 inches for innovative out-of-home display advertising

For a new sanitary concept of a “highway service company” a robust and nevertheless very compact HMI was developed. The TFT module has been specially modified in cooperation with the display manufacturer. The cover glass is very scratch-resistant, break-resistant and offers a liquid-repellent coating. To ensure perfect optical properties, this TFT module is optically bonded. The frameless display enabled an efficient optical bonding.

Interactive process control

24 inch solution in food industry to increase quality

For the food industry, a 24″ HMI has been developed, which is particularly robust and compactly designed. For example, a special type of integration of the glass / touch / display module was chosen for the integration into the stainless steel frame in order to achieve maximum sealing to IP69K and at the same time mechanical damping under load. The cover glass with laminated PCap-Touch has an antiglare treatment and offers an anti-bacterial coating. The TFT module is optically bonded, ensuring brilliance from every angle.

Industrial applications

15.6 inch industrial solution for intuitive control

For the industrial sector, a PCAP sensor has been developed that is as compact as possible, yet offers the highest technical requirements in terms of touch functionality. Even saline liquids and thick gloves can not diminish the touch performance. Translucent area in the cover glass make for an appealing design.

Kiosk systems

32 inch solution for selfservice in the gastro area

For a well-known restaurant chain a 32″ system was developed. It is based on a high quality cover glass with LED Lightguide, PCap sensor and key. In order to realize the best possible optical properties, an optically non-reflective glass was used, which also has hydrophobic and olephobic properties. The specially developed PCap sensor with Silvernanowire technology uses the latest controller generation and is designed for a very fast response time. Special mechanics which are glued on the backside of the cover glass make an installation easier.


9 inch solution for easy-to-use examinations

A low-cost PCap-Touch was developed for a manufacturer in the medical technology segment. The PCAP covers on one hand the display area, on the other it also enables external PCap key functions, here as a slider in the glass, drive. The active sensor surface has been enlarged according to these specifications and adapted with a special firmware.

Ticket Terminals

12 inch solution for outdoor use in the ticketing area

For a ticket terminal application, an HMI module has been developed which can withstand extreme temperature and sunlight conditions. The cover glass is rated with “IK10 +” in impact resistance against mechanical stresses. Laminated UV & IR filters protect the TFT from direct sunlight. To ensure a brilliant readability in sunlight, the very bright TFT module is optically bonded.

Transportation Systems

21 inch solution for use in mobility applications

For a manufacturer of mobility systems, a 21″ HMI module was developed. It should have a particularly thin, albeit robust design. A 21″ PCap sensor of the latest generation is bonded with the extremely scratch-resistant cover glass. A bright TFT display is integrated by air- gap bonding. The cover glass is joined with a mechanical frame on the back. The display is driven by a customized embedded solution.