TFT modules

We turn information into a pin-sharp experience.

We offer you the right TFT module for your HMI assembly project. The TFT technology is state-of-the-art for industrial and medical applications. The display selection is based on your application and your specifications regarding price and long-term availability.

We offer for your HMI system TFTs from maker´s portfolios like AUO, DLC, Innolux, KOE J-Display, LG, ONation. Optionally, we also work with provided goods. If your application requires a TFT that is not reflected in the manufacturer’s roadmaps, we will customize it for you in cooperation with specialized assemblers in Asia. This is possible for a certain quantity. The displays can be adapted in the parameters such as mechanics, robustness, brightness, resolution and form factor.

We cover the following features:

  • Display sizes 4 “to 75”
  • Technologies TN, TN + WVF, MVA, IPS
  • Resolutions from VGA to UHD
  • Brightness up to 1,500 cd / m²
  • Interfaces TTL, LVDS, eDP Working
  • Operating temperature ranges of up to -30 / + 85 ° C
  • Increased shock / vibration resistance
  • Polarizer treatments such as clear, AG, AR