Cover Glass Manufacturing

Get the maximum usability with us.

Technical glasses for PCap-Touch assemblies must be optically perfect, homogeneous and very flat. We offer the right cover glass for your assembly project. There are basically two different glass types for PCap-Touch applications. In case of „float glass“, the starting material is poured from the glass melt onto a liquid tin bath and pulled apart by rolling. It is accelerated in the cooling channel and subsequently cooled. It is standard glass in the classical sense.

Aluminosilicate glass, which bases on alumina, is due to the starting material higher quality than float glass. It is manufactured in the fusion overflow process and was specially developed for PCap touch applications. It is mechanically much stronger compared to hardened float glass.

The definition of the glass layout is based on purpose, integration method and mechanical stress of the assembly in your application. The hardening method and the thickness of the glass are based on your specifications for impact resistance and breaking strength.

Your options in the processing of glass for a perfect product

  • Surface AG (matt diffuse), AR-AF (interference optically antireflective with anti-fingerprint), AG-AM (matt diffuse & anti microbial), clear (without)
  • High purity white glass with increased transmission
  • Glass thickness 0.7 to 10 mm
  • CNC machining of edges, holes, cutouts, crests, hollows, step milling
  • Water jet processing for cutouts
  • Chemical / thermal hardening
  • Screen printing with organic stoving, UV screen, ceramic stoving, digital printing
  • Lamination of foils for safety glass laminated structures, front-side splinter protection, UV / IR protection interlayer