Globally sourced, made in Germany.

Touch display assemblies that not only meet, but exceed your requirements

We develop and produce touch modules (HMI modules) with projective capacitive technology (PCap), cover glasses, displays, housing assemblies and embedded solutions, adapted to your application-specific requirements. The control and direct access to the manufacturing with established key processes in a state-of-the-art production environment guarantee top performance, stable electrical performance and brilliant optical properties in the field. We offer the optimal display with the right touch for every application.

The projective-capacitive touch performance depends on the configuration and the structure of your overall system and is influenced by different factors. Joining the components and materials in the production to an assembly from different supply sources may lead difficulties. Problems can only be avoided if very specific requirements are met in terms of manufacturing processes and quality.

The right path to a good PCap system is the responsibility and expertise of your partner for configuration and production the HMI assembly which comes from one manufacturing facility which covers the key manufacturing processes.

We can offer you all that.

Your one stop shop for the perfect product

Consulting and support

An optimal PCAP-system requires a well configured structure. We will advise you on the configuration of your assembly, prototyping and the use of your product in series production.

Professional solution from a single source

Benefit from the knowhow for all important topics around Cover Glass / PCap-Touch / TFT Display / Mechanics / Embedded Competence

Selection of suitable components

The overall performance of the system also depends on the components. We work hand in hand with the top manufacturers.

Use of the appropriate manufacturing processes

The right combination of the components is very important for the overall performance. State-of-the-art procedures guarantee an efficient and high-quality production.

Development, sampling, production

We manufacture your HMI-unit, whether a semi finished part or a complete solution for the problem-free use in your application.