High-tech in assembly manufacturing for your high end products

We support you in the development of your individual assembly with glass / touch design, manufacture your housing front and optionally assemble the complete unit. You will receive the units fully tested, labeled and professionally packaged.

The interdependencies between display, touchscreen, glass and housing are increasing, thus we also offer the production of milled parts. An integrated CAD / CAM system reduces design and programming costs. It enables efficient production of the parts on state-of-the-art milling centers.

The definition of the integration concept and the selection of suitable connection systems will be carried out together with you.

Highest production quality

  • Front gluing of the glass / touch front in aluminum / stainless steel / plastic frame
  • Glueing of mechanical parts on the back of the cover glass
  • Dispensing of sealants and adhesives using X / Y robots
  • Integration of housing parts
  • High degree of automation in mass production assemblies in larger projects (assembly robots)
  • Complete device manufacturing including assembly of electronic assemblies with final test State-of-the-art production environment,
  • ESD-compliant manufacturing environment, clean room technology (300sqm), qualified staff